Some research I read recently said that we decide if we trust someone within a tenth of a second. Hey, that doesn’t give you much time to begin a relationship and even less to think about giving an ‘elevator pitch’ (in any case, I prefer to use the phrase ‘lift engager’).


So how do you network? The basic foundation has to start with two things, a) putting yourself in those situations and b) starting a conversation with a stranger (let’s assume we’re talking business here, not a chat up line in a club).


The first part is fairly simple. Go to trade shows, network groups, exhibitions, conferences etc etc. But you do have to make yourself go to them.


Part two is a little trickier. Depending on your experience, confidence and personality. Believe me, over the last week where I’ve been to Growth Summits, Expos and network meetings, I’ve seen some interesting interactions. I’ve seen people with confidence and no experience, experience and no confidence and people with confidence and no personality! In the space of one week, there have been lots of slides I couldn’t read, 45 minute speeches that left half the audience looking at their phones and people at business exhibitions who sat behind their tables looking at the floor while I was reading their leaflets! This isn’t every example, but you get the picture.


Enough Roger. Get to the point. There are lots of ways to engage people in presentations and at exhibitions to start that journey of trust. And it’s not about selling, it’s about starting a relationship. If you’d like to learn about some of the techniques (some people refer to them as the ‘secrets of networking’), get in touch. I love starting relationships!




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