Research tells us that there are many health benefits to having a pet at work, for example 89 per cent of healthcare professionals agree that stroking a pet can lower blood pressure and therefore reduce stress. More and more companies are allowing our four legged best friends into the office.

An office dog can be a powerful tool to help bring a team together. I have worked in numerous offices where people like to keep themselves to themselves but add a dog into the mix and who can resist. All of a sudden staff want to be near where the dog is, which, as a bi-product means spending more time with each other. As a new shared interest within the office it helps create a new point of conversation between staff.

By taking these short breaks away from your desk to spend time with the dog can actually help increase productivity. Research has shown taking a short break allows you to return to work with a fresher mindset ready to be engaged.

Perhaps most importantly having an office dog can encourage a healthier lifestyle, by sharing the responsibility of walking the dog this encourages the team to get some fresh air and be more active in turn reducing stress levels.

Currently only about 8% of employees in the UK are allowed to take their dogs to work, according to research by

Before rushing out to buy an adorable puppy of your choice please consider a few important factors; are animals allowed in the building you work in, check no-one suffers any allergies or a fear of dogs and finally make sure the animal is well trained before unleashing him on your colleagues!

Why not give it a try yourself – we would love to see your pictures!

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